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Life Lessons from the Edge of Existence

8pm - Thursday 3 February 2022


The Falcon Hotel, Uppingham, LE15 9PY

An evening with Wendy Searle - Woman.  Mother.  Adventurer.

Wendy is a Polar explorer, motivational speaker, adventure writer and a mother to 4 children. She is the 7th women ever to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole - proving that someone she self-declares as ‘ordinary’ can achieve something extraordinary. Antarctica is twice the size of Australia and is the only continent with no permanent human inhabitants. It is so desolate that barely anything lives away from the coastline, except the adventurers who are drawn to the geographic South Pole.

As part of her adventure she worked with Exeter University to record data about her mental state both during the expedition and in the run up to her 42 day trip. She is passionate about sharing her experiences – how to cope in the most extreme environments, how to build that mental resilience and how to push the self-doubt away in order to achieve your goals.

Wendy follows 2 life rules: 'never waste a second', and 'never give up'.

Join us for this fascinating and enlightening talk and be inspired to #DiscoverYourWildSide

Price - £12.50 p/p + plus booking fee


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